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SIZE 750mL | PROOF 80 (40% ABV)

Experience the soul of 100% Blue Weber Agave that has been basking in the Mexican sun for nearly a decade. Padre Azul Super Premium Tequila boasts a young and wild side, awarded 95 points by Tequila & Spirits. Its velvety, delicate palate boasts a surprisingly low-calorie count, a sweet and complex flavor profile, and a smooth, lingering finish. Perfect for sipping neat or elevating your favorite tequila cocktails.

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About Padre Azul Tequila Silver

Padre Azul Tequila Silver is carefully crafted, honoring the good old traditional techniques that have been honed over generations — it’s slow-cooked, fermented without any artificial nonsense, and double-distilled in small batches to create a young and wild liquid that scored an impressive 95 points from the Tequila & Spirits. While it may be the youngest of the Padre Azul’s line, it contains the soul of 100% Blue Weber Agave that’s been basking in the Mexican sun for 8 to 10 years, giving it a delicate yet untamed character that belies its surprisingly low-calorie count.

Bottled straight after distillation, it retains its incomparable taste of fresh agave and surprises with a velvety and intense palate. At 80 proof, it offers a sweet and complex flavor profile that culminates in a smooth, lingering finish — absolutely perfect for slow, neat sipping or making this beauty the star of your favorite tequila-based cocktails.

Grab your bottle of this delicious Padre Azul Super Premium Blanco Tequila today!

About Padre Azul

Padre Azul is the passion project of co-founder HP Eder. Eder fell in love with Mexican culture after meeting Adrian Alvarez Maxemin. A woman from Guadalajara who was studying German at a university in Heidelberg. Eder inherited a passion for distillation from his father. And his family is known for the production of high-quality Vogelbeerschnaps, a special Austrian liquor. Padre Azul was launched in 2016 by Eder and his compadres from Austria who saw a need for high-quality tequila in Europe. Eder’s Mexican father-in-law playing a crucial role in the birth of the brand.

The European tequila explorers set about on their quest for the perfect taste, finally discovering it at a small distillery in Amatitán. Nearby the famous village of Tequila. The Austrian-Mexican brand Padre Azul premium tequila is purely handmade. With every step of production meticulously carried out by the Master Distiller Jesus Partida Melendez.

About Tequila

Although tequila has developed a bad reputation, there’s more to the spirit than just shots on a Saturday night.

This traditional Mexican drink origins in the state of Jalisco when according to a local legend. Lightning struck an agave cactus before the Nahua tribe drank its warm nectar. Behold, tequila.

Legally, tequila has to be made of 51% of Blue agave around the Jalisco region in Mexico. There are different types of tequila according to age – from the youngest representatives, blanco, reposado, and añejo, to the oldest extra añejo.


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Padre Azul Tequila Silver
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