Jack Daniel’s 10 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey


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Jack Daniel’s 10 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey

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Jack Daniel’s 10 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey 10-Year-Old release  a household name in the whiskey world, and as such, the brand is paying homage to its long-lasting legacy. Next month, the spirit giant is releasing its first age-stated whiskey in over a century.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey 10 Year Old

The 10-year-old whiskey will “pay tribute to the brand’s past” in the first bottle of its kind to be launched since Prohibition. For the distillery company that began in 1866, there is ample history to honor.

Notes to Jack Daniel’s 10 years old

tribute to our founder and history. This is a special time for us all.”

This new release is the same mash bill as Jack Daniel’s iconic Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. About five-to-six years ago, the distillery identified several batches of single barrels located on the top floors of its rickhouses. After the color and oak of these whiskeys impressed, Fletcher and his team relocated those barrels to the bottom floor of the rickhouses to extend the aging process to ten years.

The result is a more complex whiskey with rich aromas and flavors of white fruit, raison, molasses, sweet tobacco, butterscotch and dry oak.


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Jack Daniel’s 10 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey
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