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This legendary high-rye bourbon is released on an annual basis in the highly sought after Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. This release from 2018 was distilled in 2003, and was 15 years and 4 months old at time of bottling. Non-chillfiltered, naturally coloured and bottled at a cask strength of 62.45%. (Bottle size 750ml)

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Firstly buy george t stagg online, While the secondary market is another beast entirely, Stagg’s $70 MSRP has always been a great value. (If you could find it at that price) because of its consistent quality. It is a limited-production bourbon whiskey distributed by Buffalo Trace Distillery. As part of the distillery’s “Antique Collection” series.

The distillery announced Wednesday that, for the first time, it would not release any George T. Stagg bourbon this year because the barrels of the 14-year-old whiskey that had been prepared in 2006 and earmarked for the annual bottling were not up to Stagg standards.

What’s the difference between Stagg and Stagg Jr?
The only publicly known difference between Stagg Jr. and its big brother, George T. Stagg, is time spent in barrels. Stagg Jr. is always older than 8 years old, but rarely reaches the double-digit maturation rage.
When turned on, Stagg EKG’s HOLD mode maintains your SET temperature for up to 60 minutes. If HOLD mode is off, your kettle will reach SET temperature, stay there for 5 minutes, then stop heating and go into standby for 15 minutes before turning off.5 Aug 2019

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