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Basil Hayden Toast consists of an entirely new mashbill, replacing the traditional rye grain with brown rice, which adds a hint of sweetness and a touch less spice with increased depth of flavor that comes from secondary aging in a toasted then flash-charred oak barrel.

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Firstly toast bourbon whiskey for sale, It  is a unique expression of bourbon reimagined. It’s unlike anything else out there, because it’s made with a whole new method. As the latest permanent, ultra-premium expression in the Basil Hayden Family, Toast offers a fresh perspective on traditional bourbon. Replacing the traditional rye grain with brown rice, Toast delivers a softer, sweeter bourbon with a touch less spice.

Secondly, the product undergoes a secondary finish in toasted barrels that have been exposed to a long, gentle heat before flash charring, giving it an increased depth of flavor grounded in vanilla and caramel. The toasted bourbon is then blended with traditional Basil Hayden before bottling for an even more engaging and complex taste.

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