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His barrel of Blanton’s Special Reserve was dumped on 8-21-13 from Barrel No. 311. It was stored in Warehouse H on Rick No. 22. The registered Bottle No. is 105. It is currently only offered in international markets and in some domestic duty free stores.

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What you need to know about blanton’s special reserve bourbon whiskey

Firstly blanton’s special reserve bourbon whiskey ,natural treasures like limestone and water are some of the reasons why Kentucky remains the world’s biggest bourbon producer. Another reason is the early Scottish and German settlers of America’s original west that brought over their stills and distilling know-how.

Blantons to praise for the ‘invention’ of the single barrel bourbon in 1984. Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee drew the inspiration for creating a top-quality bourbon from the knowledge of Colonel Blanton, ‘a true Kentucky gentleman and bourbon aristocrat’, with whom he worked at the start of his career. Lee remembered the ‘honey barrels’ that Blanton hand-picked for a particular company from the center of the now-iconic Warehouse H and bottled a barrel at a time. That’s also how this liquor got its name ‘Blanton’s Single Barrel .

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Blanton’s Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey
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